PBA Scholarship Application Form
(7-30- 2011)

Application Information
Purpose: The Prairie Blacksmiths Association, (PBA) is organized to encourage and provide educational opportunities in blacksmithing. The PBA scholarship is established to provide funds to assist individuals, active or beginning to develop blacksmithing skills, abilities and to foster new ideas and techniques. After the training the acquired skills, techniques, and information are to be shared with the PBA membership upon completion. Applicants should show an indication of talent for and demonstrated ability in the craft, and a proposed program of training.

Guide Criteria for Selection: In reviewing the applications, the PBA board will take into consideration these factors.
2. Evidence of a serious commitment to and strong desire for continued learning of the blacksmithing craft.
3. Evidence of proposed training program or classes.
4. Judged benefit of the training for the individual and other members of PBA
5. Demonstrated involvement with PBA and Association meetings.

Responsibility of Recipients: Scholarship recipients are required to share the results of the training with PBA members.
3. Within a year after training the recipient is to submit information to the PBA Newsletter for one or more articles including pages of “How to Make” some of the items learned in the classes taken.
4. To demonstrate techniques learned in training to PBA members at one or more PBA Hammer-Ins.
5. To make and donate an article for PBA Iron-In-The-Hat scholarship auction.

The scholarship is to be used within one year from date of award. Extension may be requested in writing to the board and granted by written permission.
Early application is encouraged. Applications are to be accepted annually until 12:00 PM (noon) of the first day of the Annual PBA Conference (Meeting). Submit Applications to the PBA Board President.

PBA Scholarship Application (Please Print all information clearly on the form)

Name ________________________________________Phone # _____________________________

Address __________________________________City________________________ St.____ Zip_____________

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Blacksmithing Interests ____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

Define the study program for which you seek assistance. (e.g. information on instructor, type of workshop, dates, where, etc.)
Define what you what you want to achieve by this training. ________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________