2018 Spring Confrence

Spring Conference   June 2nd & 3rd

​The spring conference for the Prairie Blacksmith Association will be held at the Camp Creek Thresher’s grounds two miles east of Waverly Nebraska(17402 Bluff rd.) on June 2nd and 3rd 2018. Open to the Public, all members are encouraged to attend. This is a hands on conference. Bring your equipment if you can, or bring your hammer, and someone will share a forge and anvil with you. There will be a Tailgate Flea Market . Contact Bruce Fells 402-540-4585

Tentative Schedule

June 2

9 am​Bar horseshoe,    ​​​​Ian Bevington

10 am​ Start steel tire heating,  ​​​Art Push

10:30 am Chain Tongs,                ​​​​Vern Grashorn

12 am ​Approximate time to set tire (or when ready)

12:30 ​Lunch

1 pm​ Basket demo ​​​​​Wayne Lenhart

1:30 pm  Finish tongs

3 pm​   Iron in the Hat Auction followed by​​BoardMeeting

June 3

8 am ​Church

9 pm ​Chain Welding ​​​​​Matt O’Callaghan, Jim Vidlak

12:00​ Lunch

1 pm​Knife forged from rasp​​​​Dan Brockman

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